Ice Stamps

Ice stamps are starting to gain momentum across the world. Simply stamp your ice block with your custom design.

More cocktail bars and top end venues start using & buying crystal clear ice blocks for making cocktails and drinks. Carving ice blocks for drinks is great experience for customers.
Bartenders are usually looking for something different or unique to enforce new experience for client.
This is exactly what ice stamps are used for. Ice stamp can be used to put a mark on this crystal-clear ice blocks and also ice stamp promotes your brand/event/venue/name. All we need to make a custom ice stamp for you is to submit your logo and ice block dimensions. Ice stamps come in different shapes and sizes.
Most of our clients ask for 40mm (1.6”) or 50mm (2”) sizes and circle, square or rectangle shape.
These are most frequent shapes and sizes based on our expertise however, we can produce any shape that you would like. Depth of engraving is another big price teller and usually deeper engraving you got, it will increase the price of the ice stamp. Our default depth of engraving is 2mm.
We need to add that not all logos are suitable for deeper ice stamp engraving and some logos are not suitable for ice stamps generally. What we keep telling our clients is simpler logo you have the better result on ice. Some of our clients are submitting logos with symbols like ®, ™ or © to be engraved.
This can be done but imagine this having on ice. It will be melted in a second and it will look like a dot that’s why we keep removing them by default.
Ice is specific material and it is constantly melting so golden rule for making ice stamp is: Go for as simple logo as possible. We can produce ice stamps from 16mm up to 300mm and therefor it is hard to estimate price.
Each stamp is unique and generally price depends on size, shape, complexity of design & depth of engraving.
Specification: Wooden handle up to 7 different shapes and up to 7 different colours of ice stamp handle.
Ice stamp part is made of lead-free brass material.
Please use create custom stamp section to get quote for your ice stamp or contact us if you have more specific query.

Create Your Own Ice Stamp