What we do

CocktailBrandalism offers large variety of custom products that are often required during the process of making cocktails.
Some of our tools are being used in conjuction with ice like ice stamps, sphere stamps or ice press makers to brand your ice blocks and ice balls.
Another group of our custom tools is bar & restaurant equipments like branding irons, bar stencils & muddlers. Below is our compilation of most popular custom products that we have been producing in last couple of years.
If you haven't found item that you were looking for then feel free to contact us and we will do our best to make it happen.

Ice Stamps

Ice stamps are starting to gain momentum across the world. Simply stamp your ice block with your custom design.

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Branding Irons

Branding Irons are being used for permanent marking any kind of wood, plastics, leather, fruity zests, pineapple leaves, .... and other surfaces.

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Custom Sphere Stamps

Sphere stamps are only suitable for ice balls. Width of the stamp is calculated based on ice ball diameter.

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Heat Stamps - Manual Brander

Same as branding irons but often used only for fruity zests, pineapples leaves. Heat stamps are using external heat source.

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Our custom made equipments, in this case our muddlers is interesting for your customers. They are eager to see it in the action and help you up-sale your product/service.

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Are you serving coffee? We can create a custom bar stencil that will add nice finish to your tasteful coffee or cocktail.

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Molds - Ice Press Makers

If you are using ice cube blocks and you need to create a cricket/baseball ball then you might be in trouble. However we can make it really easy for you.

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Hand Carved Tools

Custom handmade handles from solid wood is just something that we are really proud to have in our portfolio. Each handle is stunning piece that we can offer to our client.

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Wax Seal Stamps

Wax stamp will take care of impressing your client and create nostalgic atmosphere. Wax stamp tends to be used for more complex design.

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High quality oak barrels for wine, spirits and cocktails are handmade using the traditional techniques of the East European Coopers over many generations.

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Bar Solera System

Bar Solera system for blending and maturing sherry, rums, whiskies .... or cocktails

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